Crime Blotter: Police On High Alert After Rash Of Car Crime On Shore Parkway & Cropsey Avenue


Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Police believe they may have caught the perp responsible for a spate of car thefts in the neighborhood this week.

There were at least eight car-related crimes on Cropsey Avenue and Shore Parkway near Bay 11th Street between February 20 and February 27, according to cops.

NYPD Captain Anthony Sanseverino, commanding officer of the 62nd Precinct, told us that patrols have stepped up their presence in the area and arrested a known car thief for an unrelated crime.

“One thing about officers in the 62nd Precinct is that they know to pay attention to certain people who are recidivists, and since the arrest, we haven’t had a hit yet,” said Sanseverino.

The CO noted that police also utilize several security cameras and license plate readers on Shore Parkway and Bay 8th Street — so car thieves beware!

Here are some of the vehicle-related thefts and burglaries that occurred in the neighborhood this week:

  • A car owner returning to Shore Parkway to move his vehicle for alternate side parking on February 21, found his 2013 Black Infiniti gone and shattered glass on the street, according to the police.
  • On February 27, cops say a woman returned to Shore Parkway to find that her 2000 Mercedes was gone. The vehicle was then involved in a hit-and-run collision on Colonial Road after which the perp fled the scene.
  • A woman who parked her 2016 Honda Accord on Cropsey Avenue returned in the morning of February 23 to find all of her tires and rims gone worth $1,400, say police.
  • On February 23, a man returned to his car on Cropsey Avenue to find that it had been placed on bricks and all four of his tires and his rims were missing, according to cops.
  • When a woman walked to Shore Parkway to go to work on February 24 she was shocked to find that all of her tires and her rims had been stolen. She noticed no glass but saw that the thief had left his jacket and some tools, according to police.
  • A man returning to his vehicle on February 24 on Shore Parkway saw that four of his tires and the rims on his 2015 Honda Accord were gone, according to cops.
  • A man who parked his 2000 White Dodge Ram on Bay 11th Street on February 28 came back to find that it was gone, according to police.
  • On February 20, a man parked his vehicle — a 2014 Jeep Wrangler — in front of his girlfriend’s house on Bay Parkway and when he came back it was gone, according to cops. The man had left his keys in the cup holder of his car and left his trunk unlocked.
  • A bold thief entered through a woman’s back window on February 26 and removed jewelry valued at $25,000, police say. Another tenant identified the perp as man approximately six-feet-tall with dark hair, white pants, and a black jackets.

[Additional reporting by Rachel Silberstein]

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  • Robert D

    This is why you should use wheel locks. Took this Thursday on Cropsey near BJ’s.

    • Rabbi approved

      wheel locks don’t always work either puttong multiple wheel locks on the wheels usually works its harder to steal them and takes more time

      • Robert D

        Wheel locks like any form of anti theft measurement is used as a deterrent, i and hopefully most other intelligent humans know this also.

  • Larry Litmanen

    Stealing rims is super popular now. Very easy to sell, just put on ebay or craigslist. Easy to store, you don’t really need any skills to do it either.

    Some of these rims with tire can cost $500 each.