German Shepherd Forced To Endure Cold In 79th Street Backyard For Months, Neighbor Says

Note: this is a stock image of a German Shepherd and not the one in question

Note: this is a stock image of a German Shepherd and not the one in question

A local has brought it to our attention that there may be animal abuse taking place on 79th Street, between 18th and 19th avenues. According to the concerned neighbor, a German Shepherd has been left out in the backyard of one of the homes 24 hours a day for months now.

“It was appalling to see this poor dog languishing out there during the summer months, but now, in this biter cold, it is horrific,” the tipster wrote to us.

She went on to say that she and multiple friends and neighbors have contacted 311 and the ASPCA numerous times about the dog’s welfare, but that the dog is still out there.

“We are at our wits end as to help this unfortunate dog!” she wrote.

The concerned neighbor gave the following in depth description of the dog’s situation:

At one point I had thought that the dog must be taking shelter in the cement block shed, however one of the concerned neighbors next door, who can see into that yard, assured me that those doors are never open for the dog to gain access. The dog alternates between sitting, pacing or laying on at the top of the steps, on the metal landing, against the back door in this bitter cold. It barks periodically and quite often howls in such a way as to pierce your heart.
When I have contacted 311 online, I have received email confirmations that the situation was investigated and either no one answered the door, the owner of the dog was advised, or no police action was necessary.

The Bean has contacted the 62nd Precinct who said they would send someone to the address to look into it.

UPDATE: “This story is unacceptable and no pet should be subjected to these conditions. If found guilty, under my legislation, the perpetrator would be required to register with the Animal Abuse Registry and would incur heavy penalties,” Council Member Gentile wrote to us, referencing his recently introduced legislation Int. 1265.

  • Evan1407

    I had the same problem with neighbors next door who left a tiny dog out all night and day without food or water in all kinds of weather. I called the ASPCA. the guy that answered the phone seemed bothered that I called. They said they would investigate. Turns out they did NOTHING. I cancelled my ASPCA membership because of it.

  • Robert Ostrowski

    What a shame. Leaving a dog exposed to all the weather like that makes you wonder why they would ever bother getting an animal in the first place.

  • jayden

    people are so wrapped up into themselves this time of the year with the holidays that they don’t really care about the animals I would imagine a APCA is enjoying their Christmas parties or something in a nice warm building instead of going out there and handling such a situation that is so heartbreaking I’ve been the owner of for German Shepherds and they love you so much I have two at the moment 14 years old and dedicated to making sure they’re healthy… people make me sick this person should be left out in the cold.. cop should keep an eye on those loser people that treat animals like this the next thing they do is they hurt a human being

  • Debbie Marti

    Where is this home?

  • Debbie Marti

    I have no problem going to rescue this dog.

  • Lacey Sheridan

    Calling the police and eyewitness news is the best way to handle such a situation.

    • Evan1407

      I love the eyewitness news angle. Then these imbeciles will be exposed to everyone.

  • ebarenzo

    Call a local rescue and they will go and rescue this dog. Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands to remedy a situation.