New Renderings Reveal Coney Island’s Glass Tower Will Be Taller Than Expected


Coney Island tower at 532 Neptune Avenue. (Rendering via New York YIMBY)

New renderings of the 40-story tower to be built over the site of the Trump Village Shopping Center show the future tallest building in southern Brooklyn will be slightly higher and include less apartments than previously reported, according to New York YIMBY.

The plans, provided to the news site by an anonymous tipster, are said to come from the firm SLCE Architects and reveal the building’s height, at 470 feet, will be 52 feet taller than the Wall Street Journal reported in June. The number of apartments, originally said to include 544 units, have been cut to 524.

Coney Island tower at 532 Neptune Avenue. (Rendering via New York YIMBY)

The huge glass structure, to be built at 532 Neptune Avenue, will dominate Coney Island’s skyline, where most building’s climb no higher than 20 stories. The building will also include 162,000 square feet of retail space on the first three floors.

Coney Island tower at 532 Neptune Avenue. (Rendering via New York YIMBY)

The project has drawn fierce criticism from local residents who are concerned it will have a negative impact on local schools, the environment, and parking, among other complaints.

However, the project appears to be moving forward. Cammeby’s International, the group behind the tower, rushed to get their building permit approved when the state legislature was debating whether to end the lucrative 421-a tax break for developers.

During a January meeting with the developers, one resident yelled out that they should take their building and “go to Manhattan” — eliciting cheers and whistles from the audience.

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  • Mat50

    it’s the impact on the old sewage system that concerns me most. Flush away, you all. Whoosh!…oh…YEW!

  • Pinkmums

    I agree take this building to Manhattan. We won’t be unique. I like it out here because it’s not Manhattan.

  • Larry Litmanen

    I don’t mind these new building or the tax credit because these have transformed Brooklyn for the better. So many jobs were created, empty parking lots transformed into condos.

    Let’s take a look at say Midwood or Bay Ridge where there are plenty of new construction and condos and compare it to East New York, or Bed Stuy that mostly offer affordable housing. Clearly the first two are better in every way, safer, nicer, more shopping, great selection, you can actually walk at night and not expect to get robbed.

  • REAL NY’er

    Great more crappy condos! everything about this building is GREED! it sticks out like a sore thumb and a blatant slap in the face of the REAL TRUE people of the neighborhood. It screams “YOU CAN SEE US BUT YOU CAN’T BE US” to all the true residents of the public housing. But you can’t seem to elevate the people of the projects either. So we begin the GREAT DEVIDE yet again. Poor on one side of the street and ultra rich on the other side. These condo’s contribute to over crowding “thickly settle” as the rich would call it and taxes our existing system. More water wasted, more flushes, more toxic detergents flushed into the already polluted water ways. How anyone can look at this building and say I wanna live here is an atrocity of a human being! You might as well cut down the entire planet and bleed it dry of it’s resources! Why the community board allow this to happen clearly means one thing – Somebody’s pocket is getting lined REAL nice and FAT! Can we look into who approved this plan and who the builders are? lets get to the truth! SEE through the bull crap! the only buyers will be of foreign investors with their laundered monies and mental retard sheep who gets swayed by the shinny lights – suckers! TAKE BACK YOUR Neighborhood! Don’t sell out your hood! This building is about one thing – GREED and who stands to profit. Not for the beautification of the hood, not to bring in more people because there are enough, not for elevating the hood because they could’ve easily made improvements and beautified the public housing. BUT people of public housing, you need to show that you deserve it and will take care and pride with it and NOT leave it to rot and grafitti and squalor. MaKe something good for once and not just live to drain resources!!!

    • Stan_LS

      “REAL TRUE people” – which people are those?