Source: NYPD

Source: NYPD

Authorities have handcuffed two out of three suspects believed to be the perpetrators of a violent robbery spree that we reported about yesterday.

The two arrested are Abdul Kareem Moazb, 20, and Kareem Ahmed, 17, taken into custody yesterday, hours after the sketch above of Moazb was released. They were charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and robbery. The third suspect remains at large.

The Daily News describes the attacks in greater detail:

They hit the unsuspecting victims with a baseball bat before punching, kicking and robbing them, and they did all their damage in just 31/2 hours, police said.

They approached their first victim on 59th St. near Fort Hamilton Parkway at 2 a.m., robbing the 24-year-old of his wallet, iPhone and $100, officials said.

From that point on, it was off to the races for these sinister sluggers, police said.

The men went on to wreak more havoc during the terror tour:

* They attacked a 44-year-old man on Eighth Ave. and 59th St. in Borough Park at 3 a.m., but police said they didn’t take any property.

* They beat up and robbed a 30-year-old man on Benson Ave., near 24th Ave. in Bath Beach, at 3:20 a.m., taking $200 and an iPhone. The victim wound up in Lutheran Medical Center, officials said.

* About 30 minutes later, at around 3:50 a.m., the suspects jumped a 57-year-old man on 63rd St. near Bay Parkway in Bensonhurst, but fled empty-handed when their victim fought back.

That victim was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center with minor injuries, officials said.

* They popped up on 60th St. near 14th Ave. a few moments later, where they robbed a 48-year-old man of a CB radio.

* As 4 a.m. rolled around, police said the suspects approached a 23-year-old man on 20th Ave. near 84th St. in Bensonhurst, attacked him and ran off with the man’s Dr. Dre Beats headphones. The victim was also treated at Lutheran Medical Center, officials said.

* Ten minutes later, the suspects jumped two men, ages 29 and 30, as they walked down 51st St. near Eighth Ave. in Sunset Park. The goons took a jacket off one victim and an iPhone off the other, police said.

* Police say the spree ended at 5:20 a.m., when they jumped a 33-year-old on Benson Ave. near 23rd Ave., taking $300, an iPhone and a two-way radio.

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  • Bruce

    Maybe ICE should be informed so that their immigration status can be checked.

  • fucking dirts

    this dude looks like he got hit over the head with a shovel

  • DA

    Death Penalty

  • disqus_QkdryFbCoQ

    but…i thought they were “peaceful people”…hah.

    • murry

      Shit like this would never happen here if they thought their victims might armed. The only ones that are protected by Gun Regulation is the low lives. This type of crime is rare in cities that encourage their citizens to protect themselves.