Ocean Parkway Overhaul Will Make It More Dangerous, Says Assemblyman


Assemblyman Dov Hikind together with Commissioner Polly Trottenberg & C.O. Ken Quick discussing safety issues on 21st Avenue

Ocean Parkway is undergoing millions of dollars worth of renovations, but Assemblyman Dov Hikind is concerned not all of the state-funded changes being made are for the better.

Currently, Ocean Parkway is undergoing the first phase of a two-part project to make the strip less of a speedway and more of a residential boulevard. Hikind takes issue with the project’s plan to eliminate right turns along Ocean Parkway onto Avenue’s J, P, and Kings Highway, not to mention his concern for the replacement of service lane stop signs with traffic signals and the loss of some parking spaces.

At 17th Avenue together with DOT officials and local resident Zevi Silberstein

Not only will these change’s be inconvenient, but Hikind feels they may in fact make Ocean Parkway more dangerous.

“I believe some of the planned changes will make Ocean Parkway less safe, create more traffic and leave motorists more confused,” Hikind wrote in a September 14 letter to NYS Department of Transportation Comissioner Matthew Driscoll.

According to Hikind, Department of Transportation reports of the impacted intersections being troubled by high numbers of crashes are in fact contradicted by accident report statistics from the local police precincts.

In an attempt to better highlight the safety hazards Hikind feels the changes are creating, he took NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg on a tour of the 66th Precinct on Tuesday.

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  • Sean F

    If they are going to eliminate right turns from the main roadway, then they need to install entry lanes to the service road before those intersections. Divert the right turning traffic to the service lanes, and you’ll eliminate some of the congestion that happens when vehicles get stuck in the intersection while trying to turn. Of course, that will eliminate some of the parking, but you can’t have everything.

  • ROSALIE907

    The other day I was making a right turn onto Avenue W and was blocked by cars in the service lane blocking the intersection and preventing me from doing so. If we had lights instead of stop signs and cars blocking the intersection were ticketed this would help.

  • Robert D

    My pops received his first speeding ticket on Ocean Parkway in his brand new 65′ Mustang ?