Post-Apocalyptic N Line To Get Facelift Screwing Up Your Commute


We have good news and bad news for N train riders in 2015.

The MTA plans to restore nine subway stations on the long-neglected N line. Unfortunately, the construction is expected to take four years, limiting one of Southern Brooklyn’s main arteries to Manhattan for a very long time.

The project, which will transform all the stations, is expected to begin in December 2015, though the contract is still out for bid, an MTA spokesperson said.

The work will be done in two phases. First, Manhattan-bound riders are looking at an extra long commute as the N runs express between – though temporary platforms will be set up at 8th Avenue and Bay Parkway. For the second half of the construction, commuters trying to get back to Brooklyn will be required to take the train down to Coney Island-Stillwell and switch to the uptown N to get home.

But, hey, at least there won’t be stalactites hanging from the ceilings when we get our stations back.

“This project will bring all of these stations to a state of good repair,” MTA Spokesperson Marissa Baldeo said in an email.

As part of a multi-year project, funded under the MTA’s 2010 to 2014 capital program, the stations will get new platforms, lighting, safety features, updated canopies, and much-needed paint jobs. Say goodbye to the N’s signature street art, though – the new walls will be coated in fancy, graffiti-resistant paint.

The stations will also become more handicapped accessible, with the 8th Avenue station gaining a ramp and the New Utrecht station acquiring an elevator.

The stations being hijacked renovated are: 8th Avenue, Fort Hamilton Parkway, New Utrecht Avenue, 18th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Bay Parkway, Kings Highway, Avenue U and 86th Street.

New Utrecht Avenue and Avenue U are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and the MTA has promised to pay special attention to them, a spokesperson told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. For example, the stations will be installed with some retro-looking lighting fixtures.

Personally, we’re going to miss the N line’s dilapidated, old platforms. So take some photos of the post-apocalyptic ruins while you still can and send them.

Clarification: In a previous version of this post, we reported that construction would begin in winter of 2015. We have amended the post to specify that work will begin around December of this year, not now, in January. We also neglected to mention that temporary platforms will be set up at 8th Avenue and Bay Parkway to aid transfers. The article has been amended to reflect this.

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  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    As I’ve said before, the peeling paint and grime and mold are awful, but underneath all this is a great design, the 18th Avenue station has always reminded me of the Roman Baths.

  • Rager

    Love the N line graffiti, it gives this special kind character. But I’ve been longing for station repair. I’ll be sure to take as much pics as possible of my line. Also Bay Pkwy is going to be a temporary express stop while we have construction.

    • ThisGuy

      Can we get a fact-check on that Bay Parkway tidbit?

      • Rager

        You want proof?

      • Rachel Silberstein

        We’ll look into it, but the MTA spokesperson we spoke to didn’t mention it.

      • Rager

        Proof. This was on the home reporter a couple of months back.

        • Rachel Silberstein

          You are correct. A spokesperson confirmed that there will be temporary platforms set up at 8th Avenue and Bay Parkway. Thanks, Rager.

          • Rager

            No problem! I wish there was a way to permanently make Bay Parkway an express stop instead of Kings Hwy. Since Bay Parkway has much higher ridership then Kings Hwy.

          • Evan1407

            Yes, Rager. Bay Parkway should be the express stop. Whatever are they thinking? Oh, never mind. We’re talking about the MTA.

          • Evan1407

            The MTA knows that Bay Parkway should be the express stop, but they’d rather inconvenience everyone. Whoever is in charge of this project really thought it out correctly, unlike the MTA jerks.

        • ThisGuy

          Welcomed news as a little walk to/from Bay Parkway on a nice day is more convenient than the extra train travel I would have had. Thank you!

  • Nick the Rat

    Why not repair it in sections so they dont fuck everyones commute for 4 years? bunch of jagoffs.

    • TheWalkingDeaf

      Because there’s no switchover from the express to local tracks between 8av and 86th Street. It’s just not possible. :/

  • KillerBee33

    My High School days are on those walls!!!

  • sengssk

    In “Romeo is Bleeding,” there’s a scene with Gary Oldman at the New Utrecht platform.

    • EndofDaze

      Without a number of people who were New Utrecht alumni (the High School, not the station!) there would be no Hollywood. So there wouldn’t have been any Oldham, here, and he would have stayed across the pond, and continue with his Shakespeare! Nonetheless, nice tidbit!!!

      • Rachel Silberstein

        Hey EndofDaze,

        Tell us more. Which New Utrecht High School grads wound up in Hollywood? Don’t leave us hanging!

        • EndofDaze

          There’s an iconic and seminal movie (It’s also hilarious!) called “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad , World”. The noteworthy cast includes, not one, not two, not three, but six New Utrecht, alumni, and eastern Bensonhursrt and old Borough Park regulars! Buddy Hackett, Phil Silvers, Arnold Stang, two of The Three Stooges, and Jack Carter!! I could go on and on, but with The Internet now, available, I would suggest you peruse some reliable sites, and you will find further veracity to my prior comment!!! And you should look at the alumni rolls of FDR High School which this year is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Anniversary, if you care for further comic, and ironic relief?!!!