Sweeping Changes Proposed For Common Core, Could Mean Shifting Of Gears For State Tests


Source: Old Shoe Woman/Flickr

The State Education Department released new drafts of the English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards — together composing the Common Core academic standards — last Wednesday. If approved, over half of the state’s Common Core learning standards would be changed.

The draft, proposed by two committees comprised of over 100 parents and teachers, recommends changing 60 percent of the English Language Arts standards and 55 percent of the mathematics standards. The proposed ELA changes include re-organizing writing standards, creating a New York State Early Learning Task Force, and merging together reading and literature standards — all for a more streamlined, and arguably easier, testing experience — while the mathematics changes include creating a glossary of relevant verbs and giving students more time.

Now that they have been publicly revealed, the new draft standards will undergo a public comments period, ending November 4. For more information on how to submit a comment, see the NYSED’s website.

There has been severe critique of the Common Core and its homogenizing of educational standards since its introduction six years ago, yet, despite the large percentage of affected material, many groups feel the proposed changes will not deeply alter the Core, the New York Times reported.

Following the public comment period, a variety of groups including The Board of Regents will weigh in on the changes. If accepted, the draft changes would be implemented to state tests beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

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