Is Villabate Bakery A Bensonhurst Institution?


When out-of-towners ask for a bakery recomendation in Bensonhurst, the name that comes up again and again is Villabate at 7001 18th Avenue.

Villabate-Alba has been a Bensonhurst institution for over 30 years. Hot bread, espresso, cappuccino and cannolis are all specialties at the bakery.

Though this clip is from 2010, the panetteria still stands as a neighborhood favorite. Check out the BRIC episode starring the Alaimo family (the family that has ran the shop since its opening).

Let us know, is Villabate’s your go-to place for Sicilian pastries or do you recommend another local bakery?

  • Gman

    I know the family, went to school with the youngest brother, he’s a nice guy and US Army Vet so much respect for him. I’m not big on sweets no matter what bakery it’s from but their gelato is amazing.

  • Barkingspider07

    I love this bakery. This is the only place I go to for my pastries, especially the cannoli’s. The BEST!!

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