Three Local Public High Schools Make NY Post’s Top 40 List


Midwood High School. (Photo by evalamming / instagram)

Eight Brooklyn schools have made the New York Post’s “top 40 public high schools in NYC” list.

Of those eight, three high schools in our area, Midwood, Edward R. Murrow and the High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow, were included in the Post’s list, which was published Saturday.

The Post notes that, “admission to these selective schools is not based on entrance exams like the SHSAT, but mostly on middle-school grades, state exam scores, attendance and punctuality.”

In some cases, continuing 8th graders or local residents are given priority. Edward R. Murrow only admits Brooklyn residents, for example.

The Post’s list is dominated by high schools in Manhattan and Queens. Staten Island had one school that made the cut, and the Bronx had two.

The eight Brooklyn high schools selected by the Post are:

#12) Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences
1830 Shore Boulevard, Manhattan Beach

#15) Midwood High School
2839 Bedford Avenue, Midwood

#21) Millennium Brooklyn High School
237 7th Avenue, Park Slope

#24) Bedford Academy High School
1119 Bedford Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant

#30) Edward R. Murrow High School
1600 Avenue L, Midwood

#35) Benjamin Banneker Academy
71‑77 Clinton Avenue, Fort Greene

#36) All City Leadership Secondary School
321 Palmetto Street, Bushwick

#38) High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow
600 Kingston Avenue, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

High schools were ranked using the “latest available state and city data,” according to the following metrics:

Four-year-graduation rate (weight: 10%)
Percent of students scoring over 85 on Regents Integrated Algebra and Regents English Language Arts exams, including Common Core (20%)
Number of students taking Advanced Placement exams (7.5%)
Percent scoring a passing 3, 4, or 5 on AP exams (22.5%)
Number taking SAT exams (10%)
Average total SAT scores (30%)

Here’s what the Post has to say about Midwood High School:

Admission: Zoned; for screened programs, grades 85-100; state exams: Levels 3.0-4.5
Enrollment: 3,787
Graduation rate: 89.6%
College ready: 74.1%
College enrollment: 79.7%
% Taking SAT: 85.7
Average total SAT score: 1580
# Taking AP tests: 404
AP Pass rate: 76.7%

Spirited — but overcrowded — school combines a zoned program with competitive screened humanities and medical science institutes.

With 16 APs, top students do independent research at nearby Brooklyn College. There’s a strong robotics program, a TV studio and outstanding instrumental and vocal music courses.

More than 60 clubs include gospel choir, cycling and 4-H. Two dozen sports include PSAL cricket and lacrosse.

And Edward R. Murrow:

Admission: Brooklyn only; screened programs for native Chinese and Spanish speakers; for art and music programs, audition
Enrollment: 3,968
Graduation rate: 79.1%
College ready: 49.8%
College enrollment: 70.9%
% Taking SAT: 75.2
Average total SAT score: 1451
# Taking AP tests: 359
AP Pass rate: 68%

Crowded, dynamic Midwood school boasts a new million-dollar MusicX recording studio, TV production facility, seven gyms and a planetarium.

Strong arts programs plus 19 APs and five languages, including Russian. There are more than 50 activities and clubs, plus 11 PSAL sports.

And the High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow:

Admission: Priority to Brooklyn; for screened programs, grades 65-100, state exams: Levels 1.9-4.5; attendance, school visit
Enrollment: 454
Graduation rate: 92.7%
College ready: 61.1%
College enrollment: 81.1%
% Taking SAT: 95.4
Average total SAT score: 1386
# Taking AP tests: 108
AP Pass rate: 36.6%

A public service theme weaves through the curriculum at this Prospect Lefferts Gardens campus and extends past the school day — 50 hours of community service is required each year. Students grow produce and flowers in an on-site organic farm and run a farmers’ market after school. Medical and legal academies offer internships and hands-on experience.

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