Tips for your upcoming Parent-Teacher conference (Sponsored)


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Anxious to meet your child’s teachers? Take this as a great opportunity to start an open dialogue with your child’s teachers. Ask specific questions that will not only give you insights on how your child is performing, but also a clear vision of what to expect the rest of the school year.

Tiffany Stathakis, Chang Learning’s Intervention Specialist, gives us a few questions to get us started.

Photo: Courtesy of Chang Learning

  • What curriculum will be used this year?
  • Does my child follow directions thoroughly?
  • How do you measure and track progress?
  • In which areas does my child need extra support?
  • Can test preparation classes at Chang Learning help my child get ready for the common core statewide exams?
  • What are the most challenging math topics and strategies my child needs to know by the end of this year?
  • What are some of the most important literacy skills and concepts my child needs to work on?
  • Is the quality and quantity of my child’s writing up to standard?
  • What are some red flag indications that show my child needs extra enrichment classes at Chang Learning?

Students with IEP:

  • Can we review the services my child is receiving (Speech, P.T.,O.T. , SETTS)?
  • Can we review my child’s academic goals and the percent of grade level mastery they need to reach?
  • Is my child receiving their mandated extra time for exams?
  • When and where does my child get pulled out for their “separate location” accommodation?

After meeting with your child’s teachers, it is important to plan and execute! Get a free consultation with academic specialists at Chang Learning to learn how to help your child succeed.

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Photo: Courtesy of Chang Learning


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