Urgent Care: The New Future of Healthcare (Sponsored)


Urgent care centers have become increasingly popular because of the demand for more convenient medical care and shorter wait times. The main purpose of an urgent care is to provide patients with easy and convenient access to healthcare for focused medical concerns. This is in contrast to primary care, which focuses on preventative medicine, and management of chronic medical conditions.

Jacob Gerlitz, NP, Medical Director of Quality First Urgent Care

Going to an urgent care is a great option for those needing expert medical advice but want to avoid the long wait times at an emergency room, or are frustrated at the inability to get a timely appointment with their primary care doctor. Studies have shown that more than 50% of emergency room visits can be seen in an urgent care facility and the wait time is about 8 times less than an ER. In fact, Jacob Gerlitz, NP, Medical Director of Quality First Urgent Care, states that Quality First’s registration process is under 5 minutes, with the average patient being registered, triaged and seen by a provider in under 13 minutes. An urgent care is a great option for those with coughs, sore throats, broken bones, urinary tract infections, and for those who need quick checkups, work clearance notes and vaccinations. According to Gerlitz, a member of the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) and whose urgent care center is accredited by the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), urgent care centers are on the front lines of medicine, and must be able to diagnose and treat a broad range of medical issues. Gerlitz stresses the importance of choosing an urgent care facility that has the capacity to diagnose, stabilize and treat almost anything that walks through their door.

Quality First Urgent Care, the most comprehensive urgent care in Brooklyn, offers many on-site services so that patients do not have to wait for results or be referred elsewhere: X-rays, sonograms (ultrasounds), CT scans, pharmacy, EKGs, and labs are all located on-site for quick diagnosis and treatment. They provide an extensive amount of services including podiatry, suturing, STD testing, IV therapy and as an official CDC travel medicine center can provide all pre-travel vaccines and medications.

Photo provided by Quality Urgent Care

Thanks to their ER-trained staff and top of the line facility, Quality First Urgent Care has saved many lives. They have diagnosed patients with meningitis, appendicitis, kidney failure, heart attacks, collapsed lungs, skull fractures and strokes – and their affiliations with local hospitals allow them to conduct speedy transfers and direct hospital admissions. They even have a full-time patient liaison who coordinates with patient’s doctors, providing results and findings quickly so that patients can get top quality care.

Urgent care centers are usually open after hours and weekends so that patients have more options in seeking medical care when their primary doctor is closed. It is common for urgent cares to be open late-nights, holidays and weekends. But as Gerlitz says, “No urgent care is open as late as Quality First Urgent Care, we are open from 11am to 11pm, 365 days per year, including all holidays, even during snow blizzards. Our indoor free valet parking is such a convenience.” The next time you urgently need medical care, visit Quality First Urgent Care at 6010 Bay Parkway, corner of Bay Parkway & 60th street.

Photo provided by Quality Urgent Care

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