Old Video Surfaces Showing Verrazano Bridge Under Construction


This glorious old film surfaced on YouTube yesterday, showing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge under construction.

Workers are seen dangling from the bridge’s towering pillars, and working – sans safety harnesses! – to complete what would become the longest suspension bridge in the world, completed in 1964.

The cameraman gets right up there with the workers, and shows some of the stellar views of Brooklyn and Staten Island, and even peers down on a then-20-year-old Belt Parkway – which, of course, had not yet had any of the ramps leading up to the span.

And, no, there’s no mention of the legendary story of the construction worker who fell into one of the cement stanchions and remains buried inside the steel-and-concrete landmark. That’s probably because it’s not true.

But it’s still a nifty little video of one of most famous elements of the Brooklyn skyline.

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  • bklyntat

    It’s so pathetic & sad that we pay more than ever for this bridge that’s falling apart, paint peeling, crater ridden which once was a beauty! It’s pathetic the amount of time spent fixing the expressway, the huge amount of our taxes milked on endless black hole projects that never seem to near completion!! Time to take a stand & call your local community board to get them to ACTUALLY WORK! Take a stand and demand changes! Google your zip code to find out your comm board and inundate them with phone calls & petitions to demand changes!! Time to take back your city!!

  • Lynn

    My grandmother’s brother was working on the bridge. His best friend fell in the pillar as the cement was being poured. Then his best friend’s father went after him. They both died and were buried alive in the pillar and of course are still there. It was devastating. Our whole family knew what happened.